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Interested in learning more about Kimberly Brandon and her work as an educational consultant?  Check out the following recommendations from clients and colleagues. Additional recommendations for Kimberly Dawn Brandon are available upon request.

Ben Lusk, Director of Curriculum, Beechwood Independent Schools, KY


Kim Brandon worked with Boone County Schools in Northern Kentucky with the goal of training teachers, coaches and administration the tenets of Understanding by Design. Over the course of a year, Kim designed engaging training that made the sometimes difficult concepts of UbD more conducive to the first-time learner. Through websites, blogs, and other methods of communication, she followed up on the work with teachers and curriculum coaches. She also spent a great deal of time getting to know the district and planning her instruction based on the specific needs of the administration and teachers. Kim also saw a need for administration to receive a separate and thorough induction into the work, designed, and delivered that to ensure the success of the program.


On a more personal level, Kim has taught me a great deal about leading change within my district at the time. She is also a consummate professional that knows the correct question to ask in order to answer the most important question. Kim’s bearing and positive attitude make her the ideal person to work with a staff and her ability to relate to teachers helps to ease any worries they may have. I’ve been leading districts and schools for almost 20 years and I have yet to work with a better presenter.


Celia Banks, Coordinator of Elementary Literacy, School District U-46, Elgin, IL


I have known Kim Brandon at a professional level for two years.  We first met when she presented an Understanding by Design workshop for School District U-46, the second largest district in Illinois.  Since then, I have continued to work with Kim Brandon as a consultant who has supported the district curriculum work in literacy.  In my role as the Coordinator of Elementary Literacy, with 24 years of experience in our diverse district as a district coach, Reading Recovery teacher, and a bilingual teacher, I have had the opportunity to work with many different consultants and I would say Kim Brandon is one of the best that I have had the pleasure to work with.

Chrissy Greeling, Learning Coordinator for Elementary Mathematics, Keller ISD, TX


Kim Brandon was an intricate part of our district math curriculum redesign. She provided our department and curriculum team extensive knowledge of the Understanding by Design process. As a result, we were able to establish a strong foundation for our department. We were also able to design units which provide our teachers with an aligned curriculum. Above all, we were able to create meaningful experiences for our students! Kim’s in-depth understanding of curriculum was an asset to the development and success of our curriculum.

Sherri Bertrand, Director of Assessment, Wentzville School District, MO (formerly of Riverview Gardens School District, MO)

I worked side by side with Dr. Brandon as she led our urban district through the stages of designing our entire curriculum using backward design. Her approach was refreshing, exciting and inspirational. Kim was able to meet teachers where they were and move them to the next level of learning, which made them feel capable and confident.

Dr. Brandon has been an exemplary leader and mentor for myself and all the teachers that had the opportunity to work with her. Though a curriculum and assessment expert, she made time to learn more about our district, our programming needs and serving our population.  She was always willing to listen and learn; she has a strong and inclusive leadership style and is fully committed to serving the teachers, principals and central office.

Kim’s leadership with identifying and designing authentic tasks that assess for understanding and transfer helped contribute to the reinstatement of our district’s accreditation status. Her tireless work and commitment to excellence, always in a positive and focused manner, was crucial to the continuing success of the district’s upward trajectory.


Maria C. Guilott, Ph.D., Educational Consultant, co-author of A Value Added Decision


As a consultant, Kim Brandon is thorough, honest, and committed to the task.  To support her clients, she draws from her rich experience working with Understanding by Design and Grant Wiggins, her success as a principal, and her innate teaching talents.  The wealth of knowledge and experience Kim offers will provide any client the solutions and results needed.


I have known Kim for the past 10 years, have co-presented with her and have coached her when she was a principal.  I have always been impressed with the passion with which she embraces challenges. With a positive demeanor and an enthusiastic attitude, she tackles every opportunity to serve the educators at any level, always keeping students at the forefront of her work.   She is definitely an asset to any organization.

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